Quilted Stainless Steel Sheet – Chrome Finish 430 and #4 Brushed Finish 304


Our high-quality quilted stainless steel sheets come in 2 different finishes. The 304 #4 Brushed Finish and 430 Chrome Finish. This sheet metal is perfect for places that need to be corrosive-resistant and sanitary. The diamond or quilted pattern make up squares/diamonds that are 2.75″x2.75″. The most popular applications for quilted stainless steel are the inside and outside of food trucks, kitchens, and restaurants. But like our Stainless Steel Sheets, the uses are endless.

We also offer stainless steel accessories such as divider bars, J-caps, inside corners, and outside corners. For details, please call (800) 935-1973 or Contact Us.

For Bulk Quantities or Custom Orders,
Please Contact Us or Call 800-935-1973. Here is our Guide on Shipping.

We offer Flat Rate Shipping of $195, up to 50 Pieces to any 48 States – Commercial Address Only. For Residential, Contact Us.

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Quilted Stainless Steel Sheets

304 and 430 stainless steel sheets are popular and cost-effective forms of stainless steel, providing outstanding corrosion-resistance and excellent workability despite its durability. They are great for resisting chemical corrosion along are are great for industrial settings and marine environments. Perfect applications for these sheets are food trucks, food carts, and commercial kitchens. It is non-magnetic and comes in different finishes: chrome finish means very shiny (mirror-like) and #4 brushed finish means that it has very fine brush lines, just like most stainless steel appliances. Both having embossed diamond patterns.

It’s great for : Food Trucks, Kitchens, Restaurants, Commercial Kitchens, Gyms, Utility Vehicles, and Walls


Shipping to residential and commercial addresses available via UPS.

Shipping for bulk orders – 2 pieces and up to 50 pieces available for commercial addresses for a $195 flat fee. Contact if interested or inquire about residential address.


We are able to ship oversized metals for a flat rate of $195 to any of the 48 states (up to 50 pieces) using a trucking company.

We are able to ship smaller pieces via UPS.

Here is a more detailed guide on shipping.

Sales Policy: All Returns And Exchange Are Subject To A 24% Restocking Fee After The Shipment Has Left our Facility. 

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Thickness and finishes

Our quilted stainless steel sheets are available in chrome and #4 brushed finished.

Chrome is a shiny finish with embossed diamond patterns. Similar to mirror finishes. There is PVC film on one side for surface protection and can hold magnets. We also have stainless divider bar, J-Cap, inside corner and outside corner. For details, please call (800)935-1973.

#4 is a brushed finish with embossed diamond patterns. It is best for interiors of food truck, restaurants, and commercial kitchens. There is also a PVC film on one side for temporary surface protection.

The sheets or plates are available in pre-cut sizes and can also be custom cut to size, depending on your specific requirements. We also have stainless divider bar, J-Cap, inside corner and outside corner. For details, please call (800)935-1973.

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24GA Chrome, 24GA #4, 26GA Chrome

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