Five Bar Tread Aluminum Sheet, Brite Finish- 3003 H22


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This is our aluminum diamond plate with a five bar tread pattern in a brite finish. This sheet metal is truly unique and modern. The applications for it are the same as our aluminum diamond plate. It offers anti-corrosive, anti-slip protection and is great for many environments.

We also offer aluminum accessories such as divider bars, J-caps, inside corners, and outside corners. For details, please call (800)935-1973 or Contact Us.

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Five Bar Tread Brite Aluminum Sheet – 3003 H22

Aluminum as a metal has light and soft properties. However, it is known for its high corrosion resistance ability, making it excellent for floors, doors, and outdoor applications. Our weather-proof aluminum sheets are also easy to clean. The five bar tread brite allows for good anti-slip resistance in industrial, retail, and even decorative applications/purposes.

Custom cuts available in straight cuts only. Please Contact Us.


Aluminum is light, malleable, corrosion-resistant, and most importantly easy to clean. These properties allow this material to be used virtually anywhere: indoors outdoors, industrial, and as decoration.


  • Doors
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Walkways
  • Trailers
  • Decoration
  • Retail Stores
  • Boats
  • Steps and Stairs
  • Modeling
  • Industrial
  • Electronic Cabinets
  • General Manufacturing
  • Trailers
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Marine
  • Signs
  • Ramps for Trailers
  • Welding


We can ship via UPS to commercial and residential addresses.

We also offer a flat rate $249 shipping to commercial addresses for up to 50 pieces. Please contact us to inquire.


Aluminum sheets

As a malleable, machinable and hard-wearing material, Aluminum is ideally suited to a wide range of applications. Aluminum plate can be readily purchased in a variety of thicknesses and finishes according to your project’s needs.

Aluminum is extremely versatile. Because it is easily malleable, it is also relatively inexpensive that can be used both industrially and at home. We have them pre-cut to size and can be custom-cut.

You can see aluminum sheets being used in the aerospace industry for the shells of aeroplanes, in construction as building exteriors, in the auto industry as car bodywork, and in packaging (tins and cans).

Unlike other metals like iron and steel, aluminum does not rust, so it will not corrode over time like how others do. Instead, aluminum ‘passivates’: it acquires a thin skin of aluminum oxide, which stops any oxidation from happening. The skin can be thickened and strengthened by a process called anodizing, which gives the metal a robust, attractive finish. You can use it for outdoors and indoor applications, while it’s durable and cheap. This kind of aluminum takes a coat of paint where stainless steel would not be able to. This is a big advantage for guttering, roofing and siding.

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Thickness (in Inches)

0.032″, 0.040″, 0.050″, 0.063″ (1/16″), 0.080″, 0.090″, 0.100″, 0.125″ (1/8″)

Size (in inches)

3″x24″, 3″x36″, 3″x48″, 3″x72″, 4″x24″, 4″x36″, 4″x48″, 4″x72″, 4″x96″, 6″x24″, 6″x36″, 6″x48″, 6″x72″, 6″x96″, 8″x24″, 8″x36″, 8″x48″, 8″x72″, 8″x96″, 12″x12″, 12″x24″, 12″x36″, 12″x48″, 12″x72″, 12″x96″, 24″x24″, 24″x48″, 24″x72″, 24″x 96, 36″x36″, 36″x48″, 36″x72″, 48″x48″, 48″x72″, 48″x96″, 48″x120″, 48″x144″

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Unique material! Looks great on trailers outside and inside. When I went to go see it, I was surprised at the quality. Offers great non-slip surface. Easy to get it cut there too.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Using it for flooring at a building. Great communication with their team, easy to order, and came really well packed. Since I’m in CT, they charged my flat rate shipping even though they’re all the way in CA. Don’t know how they make money on that, but great regardless

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