Aluminum Sheet – Mill Finish, Plain, 5052 H32


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Our aluminum sheet metal features a beautiful mill finish (unfinished). It is 5052 H32 and commercial-grade.

• Weather- and corrosion-resistant
• Easy to clean
• Inexpensive and highly versatile for all applications

We also offer aluminum accessories such as divider bars, J-caps, inside corners, and outside corners. For details, please call (800)935-1973 or Contact Us.

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Aluminum Sheet – Mill Finish (unfinished), 5052 H32

We have sliced sheets ranging in thickness from 0.032″ to 0.125″ (1/8″) and in size as small as 3″x24″ up to 48″x144″. Custom sizes and cuts available. Contact Us for more info.


Aluminum is light, soft and remarkable for its ability to resist corrosion. Aluminum sheets are are weather and corrosion-proof and easy to clean. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of applications, indoors and outdoors such as:

  • Electronic Cabinets
  • General Manufacturing
  • Trailers
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Walls
  • Marine
  • Signs


We can ship via UPS to commercial and residential addresses.

We also offer a flat rate $249 shipping to commercial addresses for up to 50 pieces. Please contact us to inquire.


Aluminum sheets

As a malleable, machinable and hard-wearing material, Aluminum is ideally suited to a wide range of applications. Aluminum plate can be readily purchased in a variety of thicknesses and finishes according to your project’s needs.

Aluminum is an extremely versatile material. Because it can easily be shaped/machined and is also relatively inexpensive, it is an excellent material for both industrial and home uses. Aluminum plates or sheets are the most readily available that can be purchased from vendors in the required thicknesses and often pre-cut to size.

Aluminum sheets are created by passing metal ingots between rolls at high pressure. Sheets may be either hot-rolled or cold-rolled, resulting in slightly different physical properties afterwards. Aluminum has a low melting point for metals and is malleable in a way that metals such as iron are not. Because it is tough and lightweight, Aluminum sheets are the most commonly-used form of Aluminum in the industry – though it can also be cast for other applications. Aluminum sheets are used in the aerospace industry for the out shells of aeroplanes, in construction as building exteriors, in the auto industry as car bodywork, and in packaging (tins and cans).

Unlike iron and steel, Aluminum does not rust, so will not corrode over time in the way that these metals do if not continually maintained and coated. Instead, Aluminum ‘passivates’, meaning that it acquires a thin skin of Aluminum oxide, which prevents it from oxidizing any further. This skin can be thickened and toughened by a process known as anodizing, giving it a robust and attractive finish that takes coloring well. Aluminum is used for outdoors and indoors applications because it is durable and cheap. It will take a coat of paint in a way that stainless steel will not, so it can be finished to match with its surroundings – particularly important for guttering, roofing, and siding.

Sheeting thicknesses

The physical properties of Aluminum mean that it can be rolled into extremely thin sheets. Typically, sheeting is available from around 0.008-inch gauge to 0.25-inch gauge. The thinnest, which is just 1/125 inches thick, is used for drinks cans and other applications in the food industry. These can be recycled with very little loss or compromise in the properties of the metal, and recycling requires just 10 percent of the energy that would be required to make the sheet from raw materials. Foil is also used in the food preparation industry, and kitchenware may be made from Aluminum due to its heat-conductive properties and long-term durability.

Thicker sheeting is used for car bodies and even as armor for the military, since it is far lighter than the same thickness of steel, but still has the resilience required to withstand a bullet or explosion. At thicknesses greater than 0.25 inches, it is generally known as Aluminum plate. This is generally used in heavy-duty applications, including structural material. Aluminum plate is also used for storage tanks, particularly cryptogenic storage of liquid nitrogen and other super-cold liquids. This is because Aluminum is actually stronger at these low temperatures (typically 200 degrees Centigrade below zero).

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Thickness (in Inches)

0.032″, 0.040″, 0.050″, 0.063″ (1/16″), 0.080″, 0.090″, 0.100″, 0.125″ (1/8″), 0.188″ (3/16″), 0.25″ (1/4″)

Size (in inches)

3″x24″, 3″x36″, 3″x48″, 3″x72″, 4″x24″, 4″x36″, 4″x48″, 4″x72″, 4″x96″, 6″x24″, 6″x36″, 6″x48″, 6″x72″, 6″x96″, 8″x24″, 8″x36″, 8″x48″, 8″x72″, 8″x96″, 12″x12″, 12″x24″, 12″x36″, 12″x48″, 12″x72″, 12″x96″, 24″x24″, 24″x48″, 24″x72″, 24″x 96, 36″x36″, 36″x48″, 36″x72″, 48″x48″, 48″x72″, 48″x96″, 48″x120″, 48″x144″

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    All kinds of sizes and thicknesses offered. I love coming here to get my pieces custom cut just because it’s easier for me. For $6/cut, I can’t complain. High quality sheets and fast customer service.

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    I buy these in bulk and I get a good discount on them. Competitive prices and fast service. Great for fabrication.

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