Aluminum Embossed Diamond Plates – 3003 H22 – Brite Finish


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Our embossed aluminum diamond plate is our premiere high-quality cosmetic-grade sheet metal made is the US. The diamond pattern is recessed on the surface and comes with a PVC film to protect the front side. Benefits include:

  • Cosmetic-grade aluminum diamond plate
  • Robust, yet lightweight
  • Attractive polished finish
  • Non-slip surface
  • The 0.025” standard thickness
  • Suitable for a wide range of cosmetic, decorative, and architectural applications
  • Corrosion and moisture-resistant

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Cosmetic-grade embossed aluminum diamond plate is a multi-purpose product. Embossed diamond plate is made by hot-rolling the aluminum sheeting, producing a robust, lightweight material suitable for a wide range of cosmetic applications and DIY projects. At a thickness of 0.025″, it is considerably thinner and lighter than standard diamond plate, making it both significantly cheaper and easier to cut/shape, all the while retaining its non-slip properties due to the distinctive diamond pattern embossed on the surface. The highly polished finish makes it particularly attractive and suitable for projects where aesthetic appeal is key. It is also sometimes called tread plate.


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For bulk orders, we offer $195 shipping only to commercial addresses. Contact Us for residential deliveries.




This 0.025″ embossed cosmetic-grade aluminum plate has the diamond pattern stamped/pressed into the surface. It is lightweight, attractive, and flexible,but also robust enough for a wide range of purposes. It is also significantly cheaper than the alternative 0.063″ standard diamond plate and also 15 to 20 percent lighter than competing products of the same thickness. Despite its design for cosmetic purposes, it is corrosion-proof and non-slip, and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications along with as craft and hobby projects.

This thin plate can easily be cut with tin snips or hand shears. It is great for bending and shaping because it is far more flexible than standard diamond plate used for flooring and other applications. Sheet metal screws or rivets can be used to fix it to other materials. Alternatively, it is light enough to be fastened using double-sided tape or DIY adhesives. Its malleability means that it can be shaped around objects such as posts to protect them, and edges can be neatly formed by bending it around a suitable former.

This means that you can achieve the classic look of standard diamond plate, all the while still maintaining durability, corrosion-resistance, and slip-resistant properties. This all comes for a lower cost and without the time/effort it would take to work with more rigid products. Also, sheets can be pre-cut to order and delivered to your door. Contact Us if you need custom cutting (straight cuts only) or leave a note in the order.


Since it is thinner and more flexible than standard diamond plate, embossed cosmetic diamond plate is best suited for lighter applications, craft projects, and cladding where the look/protection of diamond plate is required at a lower cost and without the weight. It is ideal for wainscoting, trim and wall guards, but can also be used to protect the walls of gyms, fitness centers, provide trimming to trailers and garages, and similar uses. It is a light material that is perfect for accenting other materials and decorating (highlighting displays and creating signs). It can also be used to make tool boxes, industrial storage cabinets, and finish counters with an attractive, robust layer of wipe-clean material.

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3″x24″, 3″x36″, 3″x48″, 3″x72″, 4″x24″, 4″x36″, 4″x48″, 4″x72″, 4″x96″, 6″x24″, 6″x36″, 6″x48″, 6″x72″, 6″x96″, 8″x24″, 8″x36″, 8″x48″, 8″x72″, 8″x96″, 12″x12″, 12″x24″, 12″x36″, 12″x48″, 12″x72″, 12″x96″, 24″x24″, 24″x48″, 24″x72″, 24″x 96, 36″x36″, 36″x48″, 36″x72″, 48″x48″, 48″x72″, 48″x96″, 48″x120″

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  1. 5 out of 5


    It’s so convenient that they ship it to you in a box. All I had to do was unroll it and apply to the wall. Great product guys

  2. 5 out of 5


    Easy to cut, apply, and bend. Great for stoneguards. Used a piece for my trailer and it looks awesome

  3. 5 out of 5


    Absolutely perfect for wainscoting! I used it on my trailer walls and it looks great!

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